Blogging for the Beginner

There are thousands of people everyday starting new blogs. They each have something important to say or a business they want to promote. Is there an exact way to blog correctly or is it just up to the individual? These sites help the everyday blogger to gain some helpful hints on the do’s and dont’s.

I found these very helpful since I am a first time blogger. You must first put your mind to starting a blog. These are ways to apply them in each blog you post.

  1. Planning: This is a major key to blogging. If much thought is not put into the process then the entire blog could be a jumbled mess.
  2. Interest: I choose topics that interest me and my readers. It is important to keep people interested instead of them just getting through your blog.
  3. Images: this is a big DO for anyone blogging. It keeps people interested and adds color/extra to your blog post.
  4. Research: If you are writing on a specific topic it should be researched in order to be clear of errors.
  5. Dont’s: Writing long paragraphs can lead people away from your blog. Grammar mistakes can happen, but should be checked for before publishing. Do not ever limit your word count but try and be to the point.

These do’s and dont’s apply to personal blogs and business blogs. If you are trying to market your business and have no pictures people may not be impressed. Keeping organized is important in my chosen career field. Advertising takes many drafts and ideas. If your blog is organized and clear it appears more professional. From here on out I will be making sure my blog post are planned out and focused on a certain topic. I believe it is important to keep the readers interest so I will try to keep some focus on them. I will not be writing huge paragraphs because many people do not want to read that much. For my or your future career it would be a good idea to go back to these sites listed above as a refresher.


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