Exercise for the Mind, Soul, and Body


Today I will be starting my personal topic on why different types of exercise are good for each individual. I have tried almost every extracurricular activity there is in my lifetime. I can honestly say that dance is my favorite out of all my hobbies. It has been a part of my life since I was young. I have grown and gotten through some of my toughest years while in dance classes. With any sport there is time, effort, and technique a part of it.

As I progressed in dance I began to notice a dramatic physical change in my body. I lost weight and mentally benefitted by being able to learn things faster and more efficiently. I was a healthier person mentally and physically while still enjoying what I was doing.

 Dance is a way of self expression for many people. Throughout the centuries dance has been performed for leisure, self expression, and even  cultural rituals. In this era it has become somewhat of a phenomenon and has sparked the interest of a wide variety of individuals. No matter the age dance has many benefits such as: stress relief, knowledge, heart health, and weight loss. Over time it can become a habit in your everyday life.

Many people are happier in their everyday lives because of being able to dance and relieve stress. I personally have never felt more free except when I dance. It brings a relief to people, and is a good way to get exercise. Dance is considered an art and has many benefits to the human body.So, get on out there and dance like no one is watching!


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