Tips for the everyday blogger

In this weeks lab I learned that the little things go a long way. I started to notice color contrast, videos, photo placement, and organization to mention just a few. I learned that my blog should be consistent and that the reader should be able to follow all thoughts. I enjoyed looking over online business websites and critiquing them. Organization is something you see with many websites and it seems to be the most important thing in blogging or. I also noticed the use of color and the organization of text type. These things are important to add a little extra to your blog whether it be personal or business. 

Being introduced to seems like it will be very helpful in the weeks to come. Weebly brings different aspects and themes to an online site. A feature that I think makes Weebly useful is the slide show effect. I like how you can have a slide on a certain page so that people do not have to search for one picture at a time. There are also maps, videos, and code that can help you personalize your site. I love that fact that weebly can be personal, business, an online store, or just the everyday blog site. Setting up a weebly account is easy and quick. I signed up through Facebook and began to pick out my theme. There are so many to choose from and are sectioned off by your choice of what the website is used for. 

I chose the portfolio option that is called cento. I am somewhat of a minimalist and believe that less is more. I like that it was classic and had the option to put four pictures on your home page. This would give me the opportunity to even add a video. I like how it is organized and that the picture placement is perfect for my taste. I need to look through them again but I will probably keep my first pick for a theme on Weebly.



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