Healthy. Happy. Hectic

For the everyday college student life is hectic to say the least. This semester I have noticed that I am running myself ragged. I have 19 hours of classes and about 30 hours of work each week. My sorority community service and I am still attempting to make it to social events. Stress and eating whatever I wanted has been causing my body to slow down. Instead of getting up and feeling refreshed I felt like I had barely slept at all.

What could possibly help my hectic life?

The most important thing to me is my health. Not only do we have one life, but we have one body to live it in. This is why I decided to make some healthy changes.

  1. I started actually eating breakfast. This starts the bodies metabolism thus, also boosting brain function.
  2. I eat less sugar, carbohydrates, and salt.
  3. Take in at least eight glasses of water a day. Your body is mainly made of water so we should keep it replenished.
  4. I do not skip meals but instead eat smaller portions.
  5. Protein and vegetables have become my best friend. This keeps me full and helps my performance during my active day.
  6. I exercise about five times a week, but I never put the gym before college.

My next task for myself is to start taking just TEN minutes a day to clear my head. I am trying not to stress and to keep my body as healthy as possible. I now see why they call it the Freshman 15. So be happy, be healthy, and try to be a little less hectic.


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