New Ideas and New Designs

This week we started learning about how to code or create our own pages. Our class also learned how to manage and create a home page of a website. I really enjoyed learning how to code because that is not something the average person knows how to do. The book we are reading goes into more depth about other options you have for beginner coding.

My website will have a very organized but still aesthetically pleasing appeal on the home page. I would like to incorporate photos but not a video on the home page. I feel like it draws your attention away from the entire site and what it is really used for. My home page will have drop down menus. These are great for organization while also adding features that to your site. I think adding some color is important, but not very bright colors that distract the viewer. There were some helpful hints given this week:

  1. Use subcategories in your menu area. This action helps with organization.
  2. You should have some engagement media on your home page. This makes people want to see more of your website.
  3. You should have a table of contents. This helps individuals find what they are looking for in an orderly fashion and helps you balance your information/content.
  4. You should have multiple landing pages. Do not just have everything on your home page. You want people to pay attention to the entire website.
  5. Keep a solid target audience in mind at all times.

If you would like to visit the sites, the links are below


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