(The newest health crazes)


1.Have you ever seen the weight loss or health supplements that seem too good to be true? If it seems that way, then it more than likely is too good to be true. In the past and present there are: “finfin”, It Works, lemon water, and many more. The newest health craze I decided to try is Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar is said to help your body burn off fat faster when it is in your system. If you take it before bed, they say you will not retain carbohydrates. This causes the development of fat to come to a standstill. I have tried this new idea. I have been putting it in my water or tea once a day or before bed.

tips: You should only put one cap full in your drink.

You should not intake more than two cap fulls a day.

You should not rely on this to make a huge change. I have been using this for a while and have noticed little change. If it works I would say it only helps your body not gain weight. You have to lose it on your own.

2. The newest exercise craze is Hot Yoga. I was very skeptical at first given I did not enjoy regular yoga at the Rec Center. The steam combined with well thought out body movements makes for a  brutal workout. You would not think that holding one position could do some much to burn calories, but it does. I learned to tense up my body and use my core for a better workout. I would recommend hot yoga to anyone that has a problem with high intensity workouts. Go out and try it today!



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