Accessibility for All

This past week in class we finished up our coding project in lab. I found that coding was hard for me, but I enjoyed learning how to make websites from nothing. I think it is something that not many people learn to do in life. I would like to find out more in depth about coding and what all I could create with it.

Accessibility is the new subject for this weeks class. This is not something I thought much about but should have. Many people with disabilities use computers and for more reasons than just the average person.

Web Accessibility means that people with disabilities can use the Web. We want them to be able to perceive, understand, and navigate the the Web. This helps us have more contributions to the internet.  There should not be to many flashing video or lights so that people with epilepsy can use the internet. We should start out each website with techniques to accommodate disabled individuals. You should include heading, page titles, and change options for text sizing. Colors should be in good contrast but not shocking.

There are a few ways we can edit our websites or pages for these individuals. Alternate text should be available for everyone in the markup code. This way people who are blind can read them. Another way is to use a keyboard input. This way people with physical disabilities can use a keyboard and not rely on the mouse.

My web project will incorporate good organization, optional text, and no flashing pictures. These websites hit the main points of accommodating people with disabilities, but I wish it went a little more in depth.


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