Creating Video for the Web

Hello Videos!

One way to enhance audience engagement in your site is applying a video. Videos bring a little extra to your home website or even a categorized page of your website. There are multiple reasons why videos boost any internet site:

  • Interview employees as they discuss what they do and how they help customers
  • Record a greeting from the CEO
  • Use video as a call to action in your email campaigns
  • Add video to your Google Maps profile, and LinkedIn profile
  • Create product and service training videos showing customers how to succeed
  • Record FAQs with real prospects or customer posing the questions
  • Interview your key strategic partners
  • Create all manner of “how to” video and screencast to help demonstrate your expertise
  • Showcasing your team’s talent

official site:

A video I could use for my website would be for commercial purposes. My website could have a informational video with commercial aspects, or even just a safety video. Get Air plays one constantly on their website.

I would more than likely use iMovie for Mac. I have not put together a video before and would need to play around with it before investing in a larger app. The guy did sell me on the Adobe Premiere Pro for frequent use. If I needed this app I would invest in it when I became knowledgeable enough to work it well.




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