Every College Kids Nightmares

College can be stressful, exhausting, crazy, and wonderful all at the same time! Every college kid has their own struggles with their day-to-day lives, but there are some that all of us have. If you ever feel as though you’re alone just know that you’re not.

Throughout this week I have surveyed a few college students on campus and asked this simple question, “What is your nightmare?”

  1. When your asleep in class and the teacher says your name to answer a question.
  2. When you have a Pop Quiz….or forgetting to file your FASFA soon enough.
  3. You are running late for class and realize you forgot the  paper for that class.
  4. You completely miss an online assignment and it drops your grade A LOT.
  5. You put on the same clothes you wore Monday because you forgot to do laundry, and the Tuesday/Thursday class will never know!
  6. Getting a parking ticket because you parked in the wrong zone, and they finally caught up to you.
  7. Having to run half a mile because you only have 15 minutes between classes….
  8. Failing a test that you actually studied for!
  9. Having to call your parents and tell them you need money, because you spent most of it at the bar on accident….
  10. Lastly, the fear of not accomplishing anything, dropping out of college, or deciding on a Major.

All of these things are important and will shape you into the adult you will become. Enjoy college and try not to stress over every little thing. Just remember to make it to class on time .


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