The “Spring Break” Body

As we inch nearer to Spring Break I hear a lot of girls talking about their bodies. Some of these women want to be smaller while others wish to have more muscle. The body they are hoping for is what society says they should look like. When ALL women are expected to look the same sometimes we end up risking our physical and mental health.

Each woman is very different and it’s completely stupid to expect a model’s body from everyone!

Spring Break is the first time a lot of women have been in a swimsuit in half a year. Winter means Thanksgiving and Christmas so we may gain a little weight. The sad reality is we are told the less we weight the more we are worth! The weight we gain must be shed as the season changes.

The myth here is, to look good in a swimsuit you must be skinny. My friends, that is a lie. Each woman has things she would like to work on and parts of her body she loves. Spring Break should not mean hitting the gym harder and eating less in order to be “ready” for it.

Spring Break should mean shopping for new swimsuits and finding fun places to travel that week. Not everyone has to go to the beach on Spring Break you know. Women should feel empowered when putting o a swimsuit, and not judged by society. I say get rid of the idea of a “spring break bod” because it does not exist.

Live a happy and healthy lifestyle that includes staying conscious of your body and what it needs. Consistency is key to living a healthy lifestyle.


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