Think about What you Type

In college I tend to use my email for school purposes and to get in contact with my professors. Many people now use it for business purposes. these email accounts should be kept professional and formal. I use the basics of an email, but have never realized just how much you can personalize an email. When I got into college I learned the ins-and-outs of professional emails.

This week was focusing on how to write clear and professional emails. These are the tips given for a clear email.

  1. Know your purpose
  2. Use the “One this Rule”: I need to start focusing on one subject each time I email someone.
  3. Practice Empathy
  4. Keep Introductions Brief
  5. Limit Yourself to Five sentences: This will help keep confusion down.
  6. Stick to a Standard Structure
  7. Use Short Words, Sentences, and Paragraphs

Find out more :…/how-to-write-clear-and-professional-emails–cms-20939

Using filters was also something important in this weeks lesson. I have learned that anyone can demote and filter emails! I get so many emails that I wish I could send somewhere else and now I can! One can label emails and even star them for importance. I have started using this with important emails from professors. (visit :

Another thing we focused on was editing video and producing our own. I liked using iMovie for my video because it gave me many options to edit and enhance my video. It gave options to fade, use text, fix humming, edit audio, and much more. Did I mention it was free? I thought putting together a video would be hard but I enjoyed learning. I still have much more to learn about video and design, but I can’t wait to put my own style in each video.



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