The Last 48 Hours

There are only two days left between me and spring break being over! I am not mentally prepared to head back into school work and cramming for test. Did I mention I had one this coming week? Well, I do and I know nothing about it. Mind term grades came out and I was content but not satisfied with all of my grades.

This semester I am taking 19 hours and struggling in one of them. I am still working 30 hour weeks and trying to schedule a small social life. Right now sleep is my main priority for my health. Over the break I have gotten adequate sleep for my body to function. I only had three days off to take a vacation to Gulf Shores. My family was there and it was so refreshing for me. They live out of town and I do not get to see them much. I came back and went to work Thursday-Sunday.

Now I am sitting in my room thinking about all the things I have to do. I am happy though that I get to attend college and get a degree. I am thankful for a steady job and friends that I love. I am so thankful for family and the life I am making for myself. Even though it may not be easy it is worth it and sometimes life is even fun!

I just made plans over Spring Break to travel to Washington D.C. with my friends over the summer! I am a traveler at heart and honestly can not wait.



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