The End of the Road

I can finally see it and it’s scary, beautiful, and stressful all at the same time. The end of the semester is just a little over a month away! I feel like I might have a panic attack over how much work I have to do in order to keep good grades.

There are so many small assignments to keep in my head and large ones that cause me to get nervous. Yes, I am the college kid that still has test anxiety. I worry just a little to much over things I should not and focus on the little things instead of the big things. Today I put in all my assignments from now until May 7th and there are a lot to say the least.

I am glad that I had good midterm grades and it will not take much to bring them up a bit, but I will be sad to see this semester pass. I have truly enjoyed all of my professors this semester and the lessons they have taught me. I have finally found the major I love and a minor that keeps me intrigued. Communications really is the best fit for me and the professors are not stuffy.

I never thought I could enjoy taking 19 hours but I have gotten comfortable in my little hectic world. Next semester is when I will have to start applying for internships and obtaining more responsibilities. Until then, I will focus on my semester grades and my one summer class. I have to take it in order to move forward in my classes and next summer I will not be able to take it.I will be studying abroad in Spain! I am beyond excited for my last two years at South. Life seems to be moving along quickly yet I am not ready to move with it.


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