Finishing Strong

I feel like almost everyday I tell myself “You have got to get your life together!” Last week I realized that I have been letting one of my grades slip and not being consistent in my work out regimen. I believe I may just need some rest and I plan on finally getting some this week. I have no test just a few quizzes that I have to take. I am still working on my website for Media Web class, and focusing on extra credit for my Psychology class. I do still have work, but Derby Dance is over and there are no more dance practices this semester.

I can not explain how excited I am to be able to get in be at a decent time this week! I know I sound like a mom but I absolutely do not care. Over the course of this semester I have realized I need more sleep to stay healthy and energized. I am worn out and ready to quit but my mother gave me a “pep talk”.

These are a few things I think everyone needs to keep in mind:

  1. Be thankful that we even get to attend college.
  2. Work hard for the grades you want and stay focused.
  3. Start planning for the future and think about applying for internships.
  4. Be yourself and do not stress over things you can not control.
  5. Finish the semester strong!
  6. Be prepared for summer classes if you need to take them.
  7. Be positive and pray constantly!
  8. Keep yourself healthy so that your brain functions at its highest ability.

There are a lot of distractions in life but we can not focus on them. If you see yourself wanting to drop out just get back in the game. Life is not always fun, but we are just starting out. You can make it through college just believe in yourself and work for it.


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