Security & Privacy

Many people in society do not think before we speak. Now we are not thinking before we post. This could cause a major problem for certain individuals in the long run. Many professional’s look through social media before they even bring you in for an interview. If someone has sexual content, foul language, or crime attached to their name, then it makes it extremely hard to acquire a job.

One should always think before they post anything to the Internet. Another problem in todays society are “hackers”. They use their time to sneak their way in the “back door” of account and obtain personal information. There is no such thing as complete privacy on the internet, but there are ways to help try to prevent it from happening to you.

  1. Do not reuse passwords: This makes it easier for the individual to hop from account to account stealing your personal information.
  2. Set up two factor Authentication : This means you would have to answer a question or give a number when you try to log on from an outside computer or phone. This will rarely be seen and should alert you to a problem if needed.
  3. Use a password manager: This will help build up the best password for each one of your accounts.  for more information visit :


I especially enjoyed the video Alessandro Acquisti: “What will a future without secrets look like? It brought to light what could happen in the near future and how employers pick new employees. There are studies that show who gets the job, and why they do based on data depicted in his video.

I believe this privacy epidemic could effect peoples careers or even mine. I do not have anything like that on my social media,but if someone hacked my account they could plant it. I understand freedom of speech but I do also believe it should be on each person’s personal page. The Internet is and will continue to be a powerful thing if we let it.


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