Tips on how to Interview Well

I have been thinking recently about the fact that many of us will be graduating within the next two years. There are also many of us out there who have never had a job. I have had a job since I graduated high school, but others have to put more focus on their studies. This is very commendable, but could end up hurting them if they have never been through an interview process before.

My next interview will be for the RA position in the Kappa Delta house on campus. I have interview for many positions or scholarships over the years and have learned something new from each one. So, today I will be giving tips on how to interview and raise your chance of getting that job!

  1. Always be dressed in business attire, even if you think it is to much for the job you’re applying for.
  2. When sitting women should cross their feet at their ankles and not their legs. This avoids incidents of flashing said future employer.
  3. Greet the person conducting the interview and give as many details that apply to the job you’re seeking. The interviewer will ask about you and you should be prepared to make yourself sound good but not rehearsed.
  4. Keep steady eye contact. DO NOT stare them down and make them uncomfortable. Instead you should keep eye contact but occasionally look under their chin.
  5. Do not throw your arms everywhere when speaking! Keep your hands in an “imaginary box” and only use them when necessary.
  6. Stay relaxed so but not slumped in your chair.
  7. KISS ( keep It Simple Stupid):  be clear, answer all questions but do not ramble or stray from current question. This is the best way to impress your “interviewer”. This helps them ask everything they need to and at the end if asked you can elaborate on something talked about in the interview.
  8. Smile and do not look at the ground EVER!
  9. Be confident when you go into an interview and the entire thing will go much better I promise.
  10. BE yourself but understand that professionalism and composure is key to a successful interview.

I  hope these tips can help someone and prepare them for the big career ahead!


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